General industrial gas steel cylinders bottles tanks

These seamless steel gas cylinders bottles tanks come with a variant choice of water capacity from 0.035L up to 225L, and a variant choice of diameter from 28mm to 406mm. Accordingly, their heights can be as short as 84 mm and as long as 2235 mm, and weights can be between 0.11kg and 206kg. We have over 3000 different kinds of cylinders, bottles, and tanks for you to choose from. And even if you may need a very special kind that is not yet on our catalog, we can provide customization OEM ODM services.

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For the Storage and transport of different Industrial Gases (IG) including

  • O2 (both industrial oxygen gas and medical oxygen gas),
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide for beverage, beer, cola, homebrew, and fire fighting),
  • Ar (argon shielding gas)
  • H2 (hydrogen for balloons and hydrogen for fuel)
  • N2 (medical nitrogen and other applications)
  • N2O (nitrous oxide for medical and cream whipper)
  • CNG (compressed natural gas as fuel for power plant and vehicle fuel)
  • C2H2 (acetylene as welding gas)

SINOGES Seamless steel gas cylinders (a.k.a. gas bottles, gas tanks) are designed, constructed, and tested according to different international and national standards that includes

  • 84-525-EEC
  • BS 5405
  • CCS
  • DOT3AA
  • ECE-R110
  • EN 12205
  • EN 1964-1
  • EN ISO11118
  • EN ISO9809-1
  • GB 17258
  • GB 5099
  • GB T5099.1
  • ISO 11120
  • ISO 11439
  • ISO 3807
  • ISO 9809-1
  • ISO 9809-2
  • ISO 9809-3
  • ISO 9809-4
  • KGS AC212
  • KSB 6210
  • PED
  • TPED
  • UN ISO for America market

They are designed to work at an environment temperature ranging from -40℃ to +60℃ and can provide work pressure (a.k.a. service pressure, P.W.) choices including:

  • P.W.12.4MPa| P.W.124Bar| P.W.1800psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.20.68Mpa
  • P.W.13.9MPa| P.W.139Bar| P.W.2015psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.23.16Mpa
  • P.W.14.7MPa| P.W.147Bar| P.W.2130psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.24.5Mpa
  • P.W.15.3MPa| P.W.153Bar| P.W.2216psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.25.47Mpa
  • P.W.15.6MPa| P.W.156Bar| P.W.2265psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.26Mpa
  • P.W.16MPa| P.W.160Bar| P.W.2321psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.26.7Mpa
  • P.W.16.7MPa| P.W.167Bar| P.W.2422psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.25Mpa
  • P.W.17.4MPa| P.W.174Bar| P.W.2523psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.26.1Mpa
  • P.W.17.6MPa| P.W.176Bar| P.W.2552psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.26.4Mpa
  • P.W.21MPa| P.W.210Bar| P.W.3046psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.31.5Mpa
  • P.W.23MPa| P.W.230Bar| P.W.3336psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.34.5Mpa
  • P.W.23.2MPa| P.W.232Bar| P.W.3365psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.34.8Mpa
  • P.W.30MPa| P.W.300Bar| P.W.4350psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.45Mpa
  • P.W.30MPa| P.W.300Bar| P.W.4350psi| hydraulic tested at pressure P.H.45.1Mpa

This product has many variants of diameter & length for your choice, and you can also choose different outlet threads to match your own valve. These threads include but are not limited to:

  • W24,32×1/14″-DIN477 N°10
  • G3/4″×1/14″-DIN477 N°9
  • W21.8-14-DIN477
  • 1″-11.5NGT – ANSIB57.1
  • 1/2″-14NGT – ANSIB57.1
  • 25E – BS EN629-1/ISO11363-1
  • 3/4 14 UNF
  • 3/4″ 16UNF
  • 3/4″-14NGT – ANSIB57.1
  • M25×2 3/4-14NPSM
  • PZ27.8 – GB8335
  • W28.8-1/14 – DIN477
  • W28-14 – JISB8241

If you choose to have a valve mounted by Sinoges, we will do the gas leak tests before sending the cylinder & valve to you. The valve models we provide include but are not limited to:

  • PM-62
  • QF-2
  • QF-2C
  • QF-2G
  • QF-2G1
  • QF-7B
  • QF-6A
  • QF-42
  • QF-7E
  • QF-90A
  • CGA540
  • CGA580
  • CGA320
  • QF-7D2

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Drawing, certificate sample, and the price will be provided upon request.

Important Note:

  • The selling price of cylinder product is influenced by many changing factors, so we can only quote the price with a validity time.
  • Gas filling service is available, please consult our sales engineer for more information
  • Customization or OEM service is available, please consult our sales engineer for more information.

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