QF-2 Gas Cylinder Valve for O2,N2,Ar,Air @ Service Pressure of 15 [MPa]

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  • For the Application of O2,N2,Ar,Air, this QF-2 VALVE is made of copper and has a service pressure of 15 [Mpa], 150 [Bar], or 2176 [psi]. It is made according to the standard of GB15382, and the test can be optionally witnessed by variable inspector. This product has multiple inlet and outlet threads for your choice. If you are interested, please contact one of our Account Managers. The detailed data and the selling price will be provided upon request (***Important Note: valve product selling price is influenced by many changeable factors, so the price listed here can be very different from actual selling price ***)

Additional information

Model Name

SINOGES-VALVE-O2,N2,Ar,Air-15Mpa, QF-2



Inlet Thread

PZ27.8 & Variable

Outlet Thread

G5/8-14-RH-EXT & Variable

Gas Leak Test Pressure - Low/High


Safety Disc Burst Pressure - Low/High

20.25 [Mpa], 22.5 [Mpa]

Safety Disc Burst Temp. - Low/High


Resistance Test Pressure [Mpa]

69 [Mpa]


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