Industrial Gas Aluminum Cylinder :111 [mm] Diameter, 1.5 [L] Water Capacity

This Alloy AluminumIndustrial Gas Cylinder comes with: a Liner Diameter of 111 [mm] (4 [inch]), a water capacity of 1.5 [L] (92 [cubic inch]), a designed work pressure of 169 [Bar] (2455 [psi]).

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For the Application of Industrial Gas Aluminum Cylinder, this Alloy Aluminum is made of AA 6061 and has a service pressure of 17 Mpa, 169 Bar, or 2455 psi. It is made according to the standard of BS 5405 Not Yet Certified, and the test can be optionally witnessed by a Variable inspector. This product has multiple lengths and Weights for your choice, and you can choose different outlet threads to go with your own valve or have a valve mounted by Sinoges. If you are interested, please contact one of our Account Managers. The detailed data and the selling price will be provided upon request (***Important Note: cylinder product selling price is influenced by many changeable factors, so the price listed here can be very different from actual selling price ***)

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Additional information

Model Name

IGAL 111-1.5-16.93-AA 6061 (BS 5405 Not Yet Certified)


Cylinder Bottom Shape

Raw Materials

Liner Diameter

111 mm, 4.4 inch

Water Capacity

1.5 L, 92 in3

Cylinder Length

265 mm, 10.4 inch

Empty Cylinder Weight

1.5 kg, 3 lb

Work Pressure

169 Bar, 2455 psi

Test Pressure

215 Bar, 3118 psi


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