20 liter 200 Bar (1220 in³ 2901 psi) Steel CNG Cylinder

This 20 L (1220 cubic inch) Type 1 Steel CNG Cylinder at work pressure of 200 Bar (2901 psi) comes with a variant of diameter & certificate for you to choose. Please select one or more variants and add them for a quote!


For the Storage and transport of compressed natural gas (CNG), this Steel CNG Cylinder is made according to different international and national standards. It is designed to work at Service Pressure 20 Mpa | 200 Bar | 2901 psi. This product has many variants of diameter & length for your choice, and you can also choose different outlet threads to match your own valve. Or if you choose to have a valve mounted by Sinoges, we will do the gas leak tests before sending the cylinder & valve to you. If you are interested, please contact us by clicking the “Add to Quote” button, or simply send an inquiry to getaquote@sinoges.com. Drawing, certificate sample, and the price will be provided accordingly (***Important Note: The selling price of cylinder product is influenced by many changing factors, so we can only quote the price with a validity period***)


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