SINOGES product raw material- seamless steel tube used for high pressure gas cyinder fabrication

Seamless steel tubes

Premium high-quality seamless steel tubes that are used for gas cylinder manufacturing
  • d. 105
  • d. 108
  • d. 140
  • d. 159
  • d. 165
  • d. 219
  • d. 232
  • d. 356
  • d. 406
  • not listed above…
SINOGES products lineup-high pressure aluminum cylinder (HPAL) serie that can be used for beverage, diving, medical, and various applications

Seamless aluminum cylinder

premium high-quality seamless aluminum cylinders used for various applications
  • for beverage
  • for medical
  • for diving
  • for specialty gas
  • for industrial gas
  • for laboratory
  • for fire suppression
  • for marine
  • for air-space
  • for applications not listed above…
SINOGES products lineup- high pressure steel cylinder (HPST) serie that can be used in different countries for containment of various gases and gas mixtures

Seamless steel cylinder

premium high-quality spun tube seamless cylinder used for various applications including:
  • for marine (ABS, BV, CCS, DNV GL, LR…)
  • for Europe (ADR RID 2019, TPED, PED…)
  • for global (ISO standard)
  • for the USA (DOT3AA, DOT UN-ISO)
  • for Canada (DOT3AA, TC, DOT UN-ISO)
  • for China (GB)
  • for Korea (KGS)
  • for Japan
  • for Russia (CU-TR)
  • not listed above…
SINOGES products lineup-vehicle on-board series that type 1, type 2, type 3, type 4 cylinder used for cng, methane, chg (hydrogen)

Onboard fuel gas cylinder

  • type 1 CNG cylinder
  • type 2 CNG cylinder
  • type 3 CNG cylinder
  • type 4 CNG cylinder
  • type 1 CHG (H2) cylinder
  • type 2 CHG (H2) cylinder
  • type 3 CHG (H2) cylinder
  • type 4 CHG (H2) cylinder
  • for stationary use
  • not listed above…
SINOGES products lineup- welded steel and stainless steel cylinder serie used for gases including ultra-high purity specialty gases, nitrous oxide, Ammonia Anhydrous (H3N), lpg (butane, propane)

Welded steel & stainless tank

Welded tanks made from steel or stainless steel are used for various types of gases and gas mixtures including:
  • for LPG (butane, propane)
  • for Ammonia Anhydrous (H3N)
  • for balloon inflation helium
  • for nitrous oxide
  • for ultra-high purity specialty gas
  • for gases not listed above…
SINOGES products lineup-cryogenic gas container serie that includes dewar flask, biotank, t75 tank container, LNG tank, cryogenic tank

Cryogenic gas tank

Vacuum dewar flask and tank containers are ideal vessles for containment of various cryogenic gases at different capacities:
  • for LNG on-board application
  • for bulk cryogenic gas transport
  • for biology nitrogen container
  • for power generation
  • for industrial gas dewar flask
  • for cryogenic gases not listed above
SINOGES products lineup- off-line gas transport serie that includes steel jumbo tube skid, composite long tube container

Gas tube skid

  • steel gas tube
  • composite gas tube (type 2)
  • steel gas tube skid
  • composite gas tube skid
  • other gas tube products
SINOGES products lineup- bulk gas management serie that includes gas cylinder bundle manifolds, cylinder stillage pallet

Gas cylinder packs

  • steel cylinder manifolds bundle
  • composite cylinder manifolds bundle
  • multi-element gas cylinder container
  • gas cylinder steel stillage
  • manifolds for a gas suppression system
  • other manifolds products not listed above
SINOGES gas cylinder accessory products lineup-valve, regulator, inhaler set, fase mask, collar, neck ring, cap, guard, carry handle

Gas cylinder accessories

  • gas cylinder valve
  • gas pressure regulator
  • gas cylinder cap
  • gas cylinder valve guard
  • gas cylinder carry handle
  • gas cylinder bracket
  • other accessories not listed above

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