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Profile photo - Trinity

Dan Yuting (Trinity)

Sales for sdal & sdst DIVING

I’m a salesperson from Sinoges, you can call me Trinity. If you have any questions about cylinders (especially diving cylinders), please contact me. I hope we can be both partners and close friends.

Profile photo - Chris

Lyu Xiaojun (Chris)

Sales General Manager

I started working in the gas cylinder industry in 2011, two years after graduating, and expected to work for another 10 years or more. I’d love to hear from different customers in the gas industry and, if possible, sit down and have a beer together.

Profile photo - Coraline

Jin Qianru (Coraline)

sales for co2al & co2st series

I am a cheerful and optimistic salesperson from SINOGES. I like to get along with customers like friends.

Our value

To make a dent in the gas world

Legacy of the brand
Strength people
Best in clss
Team Work
A flexible model
Best in class

#1 Gas cylinder Exporter

SINOGES supplies all types of compressed, dissolved, compressed liquid, cryogenic liquid state gas storage cylinders, tanks, containers, vehicles to the global market…

SINOGES receives orders from different customers around the world and conducts mass production based on different needs to reduce procurement costs for all customers.

SINOGES strictly follows ISO international standards for product design, round material procurement, production, and testing to ensure that every SINOGES product is safe, standard, and compliant.

SINOGES positions itself as a supplier of high-quality products + consultants for customers to optimize procurement and logistics costs + engineers to solve customers’ special needs + partners who are ready to provide considerate services all year round.